Alessandra Cartanese, Casting Director and Producer, handles video and Photographic productions for international clients as well as assisting in the sourcing and selection  of testimonials, director, AD and photographers worldwide, collaborating with production companies & major Talent & Advertising agencies  internationally.  
With over 25 years experience , starting as a booker at Model Agency' Why Not' then onto Studio Repossi, Representing Photographers in Milan, she worked  as a producer & agent for most of the top names in the world of fashion photography, modelling and show business.  
In the early 90’s she moved to Rome where she managed the marketing campaigns & the Milan Runway Shows for Swish Jeans, involving famous international top models and personalities of the times and contributing in making Swish Jeans brand a cult.
She has done advertorials & editorials with many magazines some of which include Vogue Italia, Elle & GQ. She has also produced numerous fashion campaigns such as (Diesel, Miss Sixty, Compagna Italiana, L’Altra Moda, Phard, Onyx,Joop!, Lancetti, Pinko, Replay Fashion Caffe South Africa, etc)
In 2000 she started a 10 year collaboration with the German fashion group APART , ‘Otto Group’ for whom she handled  all their international productions , including travel arrangements,diplomatic & customs authorities clearances, co-ordinating all the local teams worldwide on location.
From 2005-2009 she was also responsible for overseeing all the Advertising and Fashion clients for the famous Cinecittà Studios in Rome, Italy.  
From 2012-2013 she collaborated on a documentary for Nelson Mandela doing the international casting for 'Miracles Rising' aired on History Channel with producer Michelle Sparkes from South Africa,casting names such as Hilary Clinton, Robert De Niro, Bono, Peter Gabriel, Quincy Jones,Alfre Woodard, Christine Amanpour, Sir Richard Branson, Mary Robinson, Sidney Poitier, Whoopi Goldberg, George Soros, etc.  
Born in Italy and raised in Johannesburg,South Africa,Alessandra speaks 5 languages , lives between Rome & London  and works internationally.
Alessandra’s passion is travelling, creating opportunities and bringing people together.
‘Carpe Diem’ is her life's philosophy.